Rice, Noodles & Pho Soup Bowls - Banh Mi Sandwiches - Bubble Tea

Hear what our customers have to say

Fantastic food and service. I have never been disappointed in all the times I’ve gone. It’s a great place for clubs or groups of friends to meet up and grab a Boba tea. The staff is extremely friendly and overall SachKo brings a new taste to its local community.

Meghan Turner

Lovely place with very friendly staff.I always get a greentea passion fruit smoothie from their which is very delicious.

Maya Sewell

Very friendly staff who clearly take pride in serving good food and drinks. Their breakfast croissants are fantastic and the coffee is always excellent. There is parking in the back and enough seats for about 20 people inside, plus an outdoor picnic table. I like this place a lot and hope they stay for a long time!

Tilla T

Coconut is saturated fat that is not bad for American people and not harmful at all it gives energy. There is no prove that saturated fat has anything with your health ! It’s just calories that you need ! Well pineapple is antioxidant and gives you protection for immune system from small levels of radiation around you everywhere you go. I think it is great !

Svetlana Safronova

We always get tge passionfruit bubble tea and the Beef Teriyaki sandwich. . Really really good.

Desh Sethi

I love SachKo. The prices are great, the staff is friendly and attentive, and they have the best bahn mi on the north shore. Get any of the options, (chicken, bbq beef, special, and beef teriyaki) spicy with extra meat (+$1.50) and you definitely won’t regret it. I also love the boba smoothies, my fav flavors being taro and thai iced tea!!!

Hannah U.
Swampscott, MA